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Losing a tooth can leave you feeling self-conscious ― and can negatively impact your oral health. At Lee and Van Mieghem DDS in Lynnwood, Washington, the dental bridge procedure helps restore form and function to your teeth. With the latest advancements in dental technology and a caring, supportive team of providers, patients can have missing teeth repaired to achieve a natural, comfortable smile once again.

Dental Bridges Q&A

What are dental bridges?

A dental bridge is a framework that is used to help replace one or more missing teeth. Artificial teeth are attached to this framework, and the entire structure bonds to your existing teeth. Bridges are commonly used in conjunction with crowns, as crowns help support the bridge and prevent teeth from shifting or decaying.

Do I need a dental bridge?

While dental implants can sometimes suffice if you’ve lost a tooth, a dental bridge might be a better option if the surrounding teeth are compromised or may one day need fillings or crowns. Also, if your tooth or teeth have been missing for some time, a bridge may offer more structural support if your gums have receded or the bone is compromised.

What happens when I get a dental bridge?

In almost all cases, getting a dental bridge requires several appointments. First, your dentist must examine the teeth that surround the missing tooth. They'll likely place temporary crowns on these teeth before installing the bridge and permanent crowns.

Your dentist makes an impression of your teeth and sends this to a lab, where your bridge and crowns are molded.

On your next visit, your dentist carefully places the permanent crowns and attaches the bridge. Your dentist shapes the bridge to make sure it fits comfortably and looks natural.

What are the benefits of dental bridges?

Getting a dental bridge help you avoid costly and time-consuming dental work later in life, as bridges help prevent further damage and decay to vulnerable teeth.

Bridges also help you chew and speak with more ease, support the structure of your jaw, and protect your surrounding teeth from infection or decay.

With a properly placed bridge, your teeth stay in alignment and give you a  natural-looking smile. With proper oral care and regular dentist visits, a bridge lasts anywhere from five to 15 years, sometimes longer.

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